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Mitchell OnDemand5

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Mitchell OnDemand5 Repair


  • Year: 2012 
  • Version: Q1.2012
  • System requirements: Win XP - Win 7 including Win 7 x64 
  • Language: English 

Mitchell On Demand5 Repair + Estimator information base on car repairs makes the U.S. market and imported into the U.S. car market - a description of technology of repair and maintenance, diagnostics, bodywork, wiring diagrams, parts and repair automatic and manual transmissions.

Is one of the best programs to repair and is an indispensable tool for garages involved in repair and service cars.




The program Mitchell On Demand5 Medium Truck Edition contains information on repair and diagnostics - adjusting the parameters, the sequence of the various diagnostic and repair operations (assembly, disassembly, adjustment, etc.), fault codes (DTC Diagnostic Trouble Codes) with an indication of the possible causes, operations to address the problem, and so on, detailed wiring diagrams (wiring diagrams), the layout of components (component locations), and others, TSB (Technical Service Bulletins) - Sheets of automakers with recommendations to address specific common faults and other issues, Maintenance - service intervals and lists the operations required to carry out at service.
The information is conveniently structured Systems Car - Engine, Clutches, Drive Axles, Transmission, Electrical, Steering & Suspension, Brakes, etc. The quantity and quality of the information leaves far behind similar programs.
The program Mitchell On Demand5 Medium Truck Edition trucks are the following companies:
Ford, Freightliner, General Mototrs, International, Isuzu, Iveco, Hino, Kelsey-Hayes, Kenworth, Mack Mid-Linder, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peterbilt, Scania, Vovlo.
Diesel engines:
Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Ford, Hino, International, Isuzu, Mack, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scania (only 11 liters), Vovlo.
Gasoline engines:
Chrysler, General Motors, Ford, International.



Extras. Information:
Warning: This version has finally made a new type of activation - the floppy and virtual drives. Key generator is attached to the assembly.


The program is easy to put on Win 7 x64 and works with drives Q1 2011.
Installation manual
0 -
a-disconnect from the Internet, the computer during the installation and activation.
1 - Put a checkmark in the Repair and Estimator and click Next
2 - You should see a window with information about what the program could not connect to the internet to activate. If it does not appear, so you do not turn off the computer from the Internet. Click Continue.
3 - From the dialog box, write down or remember two 5-digit numbers. This is a Computer ID number.
4 -
Run a-key generator KeyGenOnDemandQ32011.exe
b-Enter the Computer ID
c-solve simple math problem and enter the answer in the form of numbers. "Russian CAPTCHA" was made in order to restrict access to key generator only for Russian-speaking Internet users.
d-Click the Generate button
5 - C kopipasta serial keys from the generator to activate the window and click Next
6 - Specify the path to date repair disk. Can be to an older version. I checked with Q1 2011.


Alfa Romeo - REPAIR 9
American Motors - REPAIR 1
Audi - REPAIR 6
Checker - REPAIR 1
Chrysler - REPAIR 1
Daewoo - REPAIR 10
Daihatsu - REPAIR 10
Dodge - REPAIR 1
Eagle - REPAIR 1
Fiat - REPAIR 5
Geo - REPAIR 3
Hyundai - REPAIR 10
International - REPAIR 1
Isuzu - REPAIR 9
Jaguar - REPAIR 9
Jeep - REPAIR 1
Kia - REPAIR 10
Land Rover - REPAIR 9
Mazda - REPAIR 11
Mercedes-Benz - REPAIR 6
Merkur - REPAIR 9
Mitsubishi - REPAIR 11
Peugeot - REPAIR 9
Plymouth - REPAIR 1
Porsche - REPAIR 6
Renault - REPAIR 5
Scion - REPAIR 13
Smart - REPAIR 6
Sterling - REPAIR 5
Subaru - REPAIR 5
Suzuki - REPAIR 9
Volkswagen - REPAIR 6
Volvo - REPAIR 9
Yugo - REPAIR 9


Packing List:

120GB Mobile hard disk with OnDemand5 Repair

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