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ELSAWIN provides Servicing Guides, Workshop- Repair Manuals, Electric Schemes – Wiring Diagrams, Body WorksELSA 4.0 – program for diagnosing and repairing cars Concern VW AG. Contains a description of technology of repair, auto maintenance, diagnosis of various vehicle systems, wiring diagrams, bodywork, standard time for work performed, etc.


ELSAWin 4.0 Description:

ELSAWin 4.0 works under anyone WINDOWS NT (SP6a), WINDOWS 2000 SP2 or WindowsXP.

ELSAWin is completely established on a hard disk (full installation Audi + VW + Nutzfahrzeuge with all accessible languages borrows more than 15 Gb).

The program ELSA 4.0 contains the detailed description of technology of repair, electric schemes, bodyworks, the catalogue of spare parts for guarantee replacement. On "old" models of the information it is not enough.

The full information in the program is submitted in German, in English and others If during installation of disks Audi and VW the some people CD will not be requested - be not frightened, on missed CDs there is an information on others (Danish, Polish and others languages..... If you will mark all languages - that the program ELSA Win 3.7 will request ALL CDs.

The full information on repair basically on new automobiles 1986-2009, electric schemes 1992-2009. In new versions of programs add the information not only on new, but also on old machines. For normal work of the program it is required to establish disk UTILS CD, INSTALL CD and last UPDATE Audi and VW. 


Conflict Audi-VW ELSA 4.0- Audi + VW with other catalogues:

1. Before the beginning install on Windows NT - necessarily establish all programs from disk UTILS (Adobe Acrobat 5.5, IE 6.0, ISOView, MSXML Persen 2.0, MDAC 2.5sp1) 
At installation on WinXP - anything to establish it is not necessary. 
2. At input of "old" serial number, the program is established in demo a mode. 
3. If at installation of the program the code is not entered, the program works demo a mode - 30 days. 
4. If have problems with view Wiring Diagrams - install Adobe SVGVView Region: Europe 



English,Chinese, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Turkish, French, Swedish


Version : the third quarter of 2010, v4.0


ELSA WIN 4.0, full installation version contains the following sections:


1. ELSA WIN 3.6 disc

2. ELSA WIN 3.7 Upgrade disc 

3.ELSA WIN 4.0upgrade disc

3. ELSA WIN 4.0 VW 2010/05 data disc ( 2 pcs ) 

4. ELSA WIN  4.0 AUDI 2010/06 data disc (2 pcs) 

5. ELSA WIN  4.0 SKODA 2010/07 data disc (1 pc) 

6. ELSA WIN  4.0 SEAT 2010/04 data disc (1 pc)

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